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COMMplementsTM products are communication solutions and services for persons who are differently abled with deafness or hard of hearing, with blindness or low vision, or with cognitive processing challenges.

LaunchGuide provides access to information in any venue, and enables people who are differently abled to read what they cannot hear, or to hear what they cannot see.  LaunchGuide opens a web page and displays text relevant to the object at the LaunchGuide. The page can also automatically play an audible file for people who are blind, contains all of the text for people who are deaf, and can include links to additional information.  This Universal Design supports information access for everyone.

MeetHear is a communication system that eliminates the need to set apart students and employees who are deaf, hard of hearing or have learning disabilities,  and provides them with a tool enabling them to join in lectures, discussions and meetings.
          This COMMplements product offers increased access to communication and inclusion in business and academic environments.
images of LaunchGuide and MeetHear products
link to Eye Audio Radio 


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